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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Installing MongoDB on Windows

Installing MongoDB software on Windows operating system is very easy. To run MongoDB Software successfully on your windows you need to perform two things.

  • Installation of MongoDB Software and
  • Path Setup
To run MongoDB Successfully perform these steps in same order:

Installation of MongoDB Software:

Step 1: Download the MongoDB Software from the MongoDB official site.

Step 2: Go to the path, where you have downloaded the software and then double click it and then click the run button or right click on it and then select install option.

Step 3: Click on Next option to proceed.

Step 4: Check the Checkbox to accept the License Agreement and click 'Next' option.

Step 5: Select the Setup Type as Complete to proceed.

Step 6: Click Install to proceed.

Step 7: It will take few seconds to complete the installation. you will get a screen like this.

Step 8: Once installation is completed, you will get a screen like this. Click on Finish button.

Once the installation of software is completed you can proceed to set path for it.

Path Setup:

Step 9: Your MongoDB will be installed in the following path 'C:\Program Files\MongoDB\server\3.0\bin'. Copy this path.

Step 10: Go to My Computer -> Right Click -> Properties as shown below.

Step 11: Select Advanced system setting.

Step 12: Select the Environment Variables.

Step 15: Select Path in system variables Section and click on Edit option.

Step 14: Paste the path (copied in Step 7) in the path variable Value.

*** don't remove the existing value. Just append the copied text at the end of the existing values. Paste after the semicolon. If semicolon is not there, then add semicolon at the end of the existing values then append.

Step 15: Now Click OK on all open Windows.

Now MongoDB Software is installed Successfully. You can Perform Below steps to verify whether It is running successfully or not.

Step 16: 
  • Open Command Prompt by typing "cmd" in the run.
  • and then enter the below commands as mentioned below.

  1. Type md\test and hit Enter
  2. Type md\test\db and hit Enter
  3. Type Mongod and hit Enter

Now Your Command Prompt will look like this.

Now your installation of MongoDB on Windows is completed and you have verified Successfully.
You can use it now.

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